Saturday, 25 June 2011

the day with bold JIA JIA

hey buddy~ Im back to blogger(FINALLY) :D I'm lazy and busy for my study so I abandoned my blog for half year XD. SORRY, MY BLOGGIE :(

Kay, back to the topic. Went to JIAJIA's house today. I'm soooooooooooooooo hope to hv the decoration of her house, her house is very WARMMMM. *I wan to move to ur house and u live at my house larh XD. After that, we went to SG.WANG eat and shopping~ Then, gossip bout the others & talk bout the BBM. * LOL we got a same wish , tht's OWN A BLACKBERRY PHONE. But, i think my dad is not going to buy me anything :( . then then then, back to her house for going the swimming pool & park.

See!!!! there got....TREEs! :P

I like this photo, you smile WONDERFUl :D


* We saw a girl was standing bside the swimming pool. The POINT ISSSSSSSSS, she din wore up her bikini and wore a wet tshirt. then we can see something protuberance -.- (kay lah, i dont wan to say wht is it. let you guys guess)

JIA JIA turns her body 180'

JIAJIA teached me this cacat pose XD

I like her, just because she very CACAT