Saturday, 28 August 2010

celebrate miko's birthday

this is the present which I present to darling miko
It's a frame, it's not a general frame~
I've used many hours to done this
so, please appreciate it=]

First, I went to neway with miko, keikei, jean and xiao ya ♥
meet xiao too at there , she very leng lui=]
we get shock when the waitress show us that bill-- $188
bankrup liaw~@@

camwhore ♥

today didn't took picture with xiao ya cause her eyes turn red
take care=]


Friday, 27 August 2010

happy bathday to my darling miko♥

birthday girl - thong's darling miko♥
make a wish=]
liang moi , become more beautiful more mature now
you will meet your prince to come around♥
love ya, baby=]


Saturday, 21 August 2010


this whole week, we keep practicing for the choir competition
It's really exhausted('^')
I thought we will lose but we're not.
we took third , it's miracle~=D

After that, went to shopping with darl=]
I bought a pair of shoes and took lunch with him
thx for accompanied me=]

then. Mom want me accompany her to go to JUSCO
I bought thing again. Today wasted alot of money
gonna save money right now


Saturday, 14 August 2010


let's have a short update~
the choir competition held at klang
It's really far away from our school

Thong . Xin Yu . Su su

this is what we wore to competition!
This shirt look like ...kindergarten's uniform (= o=)
Tell you the truth, I don't like this shirt

Most of those participants older than us
All of them are above 18, very stress( ' ^ ')
Finally, we in the final
after dress up, we went to lunch
we ate bak kut teh
taste okay lorh~

Then, we rent a hotel for rest
xin yu and me fell asleep at there, we really really exhausted
we just sleep for an hour cause gotta prepared another song for the competition

finally, we lose but we get prize
I'm not depressed cause I treat this competition like a game
Come on! don't worry~ It's just a game=]
I arrived home at 12 pm
I wan to thanks my teacher cause she sacrificed her time for us
thx alot=]

*more photo at facebook

Saturday, 7 August 2010


Today, accompanied miko to TS for see her idol ---蓝正龙
He quite leng zai & Sonia very leng lui, they two quite match~
But BEAST more leng zai. muahahahhaha XD
first time didn't use money. =]
* short update *

darling, huat-ting~
wish you hv a nice day tomorrow


Friday, 6 August 2010

sherry in da house

hey~ sweetie
yeah~ Tomorrow is weekend. I can sleep till afternoon ~
Tomorrow take lunch with mom. Sunday go to shopping with mom too [ quite busy ]
I'm gonna cut my hair and buy a new shoes for school . Dearest mom promise me that she will buy a watch for me [ thx alot]
expect that day coming~
I'm very down today. I'm disappointed bout my result. It's damn damn damn shit bad.
What the hell am I doing? I can't accept this shit marks lorh~
HAIZ! =[
Choir competition is coming. omg very stress. What can I do to calm down myself?

I went to sherry's house today. She cooked ' yi min ' for me=]
oh~~~~ how delicious it is~
thx alot=]

yum yum~ thumb up=]

then, we went to ride bicycle~
lol. very weird.

we took many 38 pictures. But I don't wan to post it at facebook cause damn shit uglyXD

hey babe. Love you so much so much , you know?


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

3/8 one month anniversary♥

It's august now~ [ so fast ]
3/8 is our one month anniversary=]
He folded some love & wrote a letter for me
O>M>G It's very touch
thank you very much, sweet heart[wahahahhaXD]
Hey you~ Don't make me so obsess with you
Don't make me love you deeper and deeper and more deeper

My dear, I ♥ you


Sunday, 1 August 2010

specially for my darling진혁

*Please don't read this post if you're not lee jin hyuk, thx =]

I'm so sorry yesterday, I let you disappointed and upset
I will reflect on what I'm doing
Really really sorry bout that
The best thing that we're not fighting or argueing
I hope that I can give you what you wan include my love
I hope that you can believe me, don't be suspicious bout me and trust me
Tell you the truth,
I scare that my love for you gets more deeper because it will only result in getting hurting
my fears are filling my heart=[
I'm not a good girl but I can be your good lover
I can give you my love as much as I can
I can't understand what you're thinking bout, but I try my best to understand you
I love you, that is the truth