Wednesday, 30 June 2010


傻瓜 我们都一样


傻瓜 我们都一样




Sunday, 27 June 2010


just came back from 1 utama [ very tired ]

first time go to 1U cause it's far from my house
beast came to malaysia for promote their new album ' shock new era'
They had a exclusive showcase at KL live yesterday but I didn't go =[
but today I went to their autograph session =]
there's so hot & crowd [ phew~ ]
didn't meet wai yee cause she went to watch movie edi~[ it's ok ]

mum & zee leave me alone at there cause they beh tahan ~

today was this malay girl's birthday
she is so damn shit lucky cause can celebrate her birthday with BEAST
she very close with them & took picture with them [ What the ,,]
I sure her father is a rich guy lorh~

You all can't imagine how smart they're~
Yoseob & AJ smile at me
omg~ they gave an electric shock to me
I fall in love with AJ~
I found out yoseob's face got acne but still cute narh~
Why all of them so smart ?
Did they went to facelift???

I get their sign!!!! [ driving me crazy ><]
I queue up for 40minutes but worthwhile~

it's time to meet mummy & zee now

fei por zee♥

I just look like her man,
She just look like my girl friend.

we're a couple♥

evidence of love♥

HOT mama~

I love you guys~

exam is coming but I haven't study yet[ TT ]
Who can teach me physic?
really don't know what is teacher teaching about =[
It's time to go bed now
good night=]

Saturday, 26 June 2010

It's over

I know I was wrong

I'm sorry about that
I think break up is better
I don't wan quarrel with you about same thing
I don't wan to hurt each other
I can't guarantee I won't done wrong thing again
cheer up=]
You will find a girl who is better than me

the ending is we broke up yesterday

Saturday, 19 June 2010

keep bleeding


Friday, 11 June 2010

fire flies♥

went to travel in kuala selangor

it's freaking bored there
no astro, no computer, no PSP~
nobody talk with me~
holy shit!

this baby very cute ...
he's 1 years old
mini size~

I like you,babe~

I snap it♥

fire flies very nice lurh~
like christmas tree

I watched karate kid today♥
nice movie , must watch~
jaden smith sibeh fit ~


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

school holiday♥

it's school holiday now
stay at home everyday
sleep, eat, sit in front the comp, sms, talking on the phone,,,,,blahblahblah

today, went to the same place [ TS, sungei wang, pavilion ]
with the same people [ darling miko♥]
I rather go to shopping than to stay in my house do nothing lorh~

I didn't wear skirt today because of MY HAIR !
I hate myself TT

actually, I'm not a T
casual look today =]

we went to the ' ice age experience'
a place like dinosaur world larh~
at 7th floor TS
inside there freaking cold & terrifying ==
those dinosaur will move and make scary voice

saw queenie & yuki at sungei wang
don't dare to face them larh because my stupid hair><

they use balloons to decorate the hall
very liang lorh~

this this this!!!!!! very cute arh~
it's nice to hug =]
I you
but sorry, I didn't bring you back to home

ultraman ' bi bi bi bi bi'

the clown is cute~ ignore my face please,,

we ate tongsui at snow flake [ 4th floor pavilion ]
but, I didn't ate because I hate it....

okay~this is a beeping UFO
obviously, it won't fly larh
It will beep when your order is ready to serve
I don't know how to explain what is it larh~

skinny miko~

soya bean milk♥
must try it

mirror mirror hanging on the wall♥


back home around 6.oo pm
miss you all~
I wan back to school =[

I really feel alone when u're not by my side=[
I will miss you when I'm lying in bed
The memories replay, replay and replay in my mind
miss you

exam coming~
must study liaaw~

Friday, 4 June 2010

down down down ~




Wednesday, 2 June 2010

guess who is this?

obviously is me lah
regret for cut my hair

I'm a tb now