Sunday, 25 July 2010

dating with cece♥

cece accompanied me to shopping & watch movie today~
thx alot=]
one year meet her one time [ ahdui~]

today look=]

after that, we went to honey moon to eat dessert

then, we went to watch movie----despicable me
such a nice movie~
tat cartoon very very very sibeh cute~

cece sleep over my house today


I waste my $20 for this concert
I just listen for 2 songs only
I went to this concert just for talk with friend only~ XD
I wore like a T yesterday~
I know I'm very smart=]
You no need to say
Sherry wore very sexy today~
Be careful~ I scare I can't control myself to eat You UP
today back to home at 11.00pm, first time so late go homeXD


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

2010 choir competition

morning, sherry & accompanied me to go to the music room
thx you 2 ^^
not willing to leave you all TT
Had japanese girls came to our school today
they spoke chinese very 'well' ~ XD
can't blame them cause they not chinese~

this year had 14 schools participate this compition
last year had 3 schools only lorh~
they all very pro~
hard to win them TT
stress ~

the result haven come out
it will declare this night
those malay work very slow that's y we call them 'PIG'
hope we can take the good result larh~


Friday, 9 July 2010

9/7 sweet memories

exam finally over [ phew~]
I hope all my subjects will pass~
hope you all too=]
mr.barney accompany me back to home everyday
thx alot~I ♥ you, baby

after exam, darling xiaw jing♥ and I went to pavilion for breakfast~
O>M>G why my hair still so short? sob
liew xiaw jing wore damn sexy today~
come on, please don't seduce me.

deng deng~ this my lovely xiaw jing

38 xiaw jing captured this 38 picture

then, we went to chiong k at green box
long long time didn't go to chiong k with friend lorh

baby, you look so high~

we look like a couple, aren't we?

many peoples look over us, because I held xiaw jing's hand
they though I'm xiaw jing's bf
come on, I'm not a lesbian~

met xiao ying at sungei wang
she got a new bf, she's leng zai than me [ hmmph!]
be happiness arh~ love you

okay~ what I wanna say now?
baby, I just can't live without you
so, just don't go away lah
en, bye bye
I'm officialy missing you

Monday, 5 July 2010

I'm falling love with you


I ♥ you

mr. barney brought this for me~