Sunday, 17 October 2010

miko in my house♥

miko came to my house for bake cake for someone who birthday=D
We gonna bake a chocolate cake♥
we suggest to give a suprise for him=]
we used up four hours to done this cake, it's so hard to make a cake. =<
I'm so admire those baker, how did they bake a cake so easily?
Start our bake cake journey=D

miko darling is heating the chocolate, smells good =]

It's time to mix the ingredient

my beautiful miko darling =3

bake bake bake

ding~ it's done, but haven be cook =[

while waiting the cake be cook, we went to playground=]

miko is monkey =D

why miko cry?
cause he can't come to meet us, our plan unsucessful=<

nevermind, it's okay
we celebrate tomorrow =D

time to go home now, the cake is been cook.
making the cream

yo, baby, i ♥ you


Friday, 15 October 2010


对, 你说得没错



Finally, exam is over * arh~~~~I'm free* . But I worried bout my marks, sure many subjects will fail. =<

She is wearing my spec. tahha~
This girl cute right? We call her ' angelababy'
Sherry mui, Angela, Queenie and I went to Mc donald which located at opposite our school. We keep talking and laughing, gossip bout the other girls=3. After having our breakfast at MCD, time to say byebye to Sherry and Angelababy.

After that, I accompanied queenie to go to Xiao mai's house to take her new phone--X6 *envy her * . Then, I went to Queenie's sweet home^^ Her house neatly and I like her living room with no reason =D. We went to The Mines too~ Queenie suggested that take lunch at Sushi King. Service and food is not good enough cause it's happy hour. Many people ate lunch at there and those waiters busy with serve those customer.

today's outfit --borrowed by queenie

cute girl ><

after took a nap, her father fetched us to connaught pasar malam. so crowd and hot.
10.30 back home. end=]


Saturday, 2 October 2010

hey yo fucking Bitch

my money have been stole again. so sad=[
Why thief must stole people's thing?
I don't know the reason why you must stole my money.
Is it you very poor?
come on, you thought my father earn money so easily?
please don't stole people's money even you are poor. okay?

exam gar yao~ hwaiting!