Friday, 21 January 2011

20/1 thaipusam

hang out with the apple of my eyes--miko yong =D
Miss her alot <3
we wore the same clothes and the same bag , coincidence right? XD

we went to Tempayaki for taking our lunch. The environment and service not very nice, but the taste of food was great. No wonder tempayaki is my favourite food. =D

candid =D

I saw a T very very very leng zai. owh~ Her face did attract my eye balls, OMG~
okay, continue the topic~

After shopping, Pavilion's chattime is our first choice for having a drink and we're not forget to gossip .

Pavilion's toilet is our favourite camwhore place.XD
What reason makes the girls like to take picture in the toilet?
Ermm, It's hard to explain. =D

candid shot !

bought new clother and nail colours.
Expect for chinese new year. I can take a lot of money and bought my new phone--vivaz pro.
I'm coming~ =D