Sunday, 30 May 2010


yah yah~

I went to genting for watched fong da tong♥'s concert

before check-in
went to shopping with mum & dearest zee

time for lunch
KFC time
we order the pepper chicken
comment: nyia put ! disgusting!!!!

after using lunch
back to hotel to take some rest~
mum bought cards to hotel
we played cho dai di~
mummy very bad luck luh
god will bless you

drinking coffee bean♥

y he calls khalil fong? khalil khalil,,,,
macam orang melayu lah~

8 pm already~
it's time to see my fong da tong♥

I know it's very small
cauz we sit at very very sibeh far to the stage
those tickets all have been sold out~
see,,,my fong da tong♥ so popular ^^

he's playing piano~
I him

he knows to play guitar, piano, keyboard, drums and many many~
his voice very nice lorh~

breakfast at OLD TOWN
saw my school d people [ my friend's ex ]
but i don't recognize him narh~

we went to play the motion master
name: turtle
saya macam songsi larh~

blind people~

the story is talk about turtle d
not very nice to watch larh =[

like wanna kill people,,,,what are you doing huh?

then, mummy went to casino
zee & I went to da gei
cauz nothing to do

zee likes to do this pose
macam ngong por larh~

- END -