Sunday, 9 May 2010

today is__mother's day^^

we went to jusco to buy sister's uniform

she open school tomorrow [ form 6 ]

BUT, jusco didn't sell form 6 uniform [ shit ]

then went to leisure mall

I bought a new bottle~^^

my bottle same as sis 1....the bottle in the middle belongs to my little sis
whose milk bottle is that?
my little sis luh....7 years old edi...still use milk bottle [ what the,.,,]

i bought this for my dearest mum
nyia put,,,,i'm going broke~

my sis bought this for mummy~
& she bought flowers

then, we went to leisure mall~
went to buy sister's uniform 1st

has a dance performance at leisure mall
I saw a boy dances ' wedding dress '
yor~ sibeh yeng leh
& 3 little girls dance ' barbie girl '

sushi king~
my mum favourite♥


went to popular to buy stationery
I saw BEAST's new album
arh!~~ [ going crazy ]
find it for long time edi
borrow money from my sis to buy this album [ thx~ zee...I love you]
wohoo~ free poster
sibeh leng zai arh~~~~

mummy wanna eat 龟连膏
ofcauz go to__



zee looks cute in this picha
so I put at here~

38 mum,,,

I bought this key chain at MINI TOONS♥
it look likes candy
BUT, it is condom XD

haven end yet larh
went to pasar malam
bought many things today
& I saw 贤君 at there ^^

to my dearest mum

happy mother's day
do you happy today?
satisfied with your present?
thx for the love you gave
thx for you care for me


I you