Friday, 24 September 2010

tom yam in the house♥

The third exam is coming closer, so Sherry and I decided to go to tom yam's house for study our math.
Her house makes me feel inferiority because her house is TOO big and her toilet same size with my room. * owh~ How happiness are she?*
Further more, I envy she has a kindly family. Her grandparents treat her very well, they got talk with each other. How about me? I always argue with my grandmother , really can't endure her crossness.


look at her toilet! oh my god
Many people said sherry and I look like mother and daughter because of the same hair style.
Is it the true? I don't think so~

what's sherry doing? staring the DOMO for what?

They two are very concentrating on their math. Let's clap hand for them~^^

After eating our lunch, start our study journey.=]
We were very concentrate on studying at first. After one hour something , we became very idleness. Finally, we gave up on studying and play UMNO. XD * see how lazy are we *

It's such an exciting game, we keep shouting while playing. XD
Sherry losed in this game, so she should bark at tomyam's dog. Tomyam and I laugh till crazt.
I've got video it, but I promised sherry that I won't post at here. See ,how good am I~

Exam is coming, gar yao larh!

Thx alot, tomyam=]


Friday, 17 September 2010

*It's been a long time didn't update my blog, sorry bout that.

especially for a girl who keep disturbing me :

Actually, I don't really like you keep calling me ' bao bei'.
PLEASE don't make me can't fall asleep at night, thanks.
Why you keep sms me? You know that you're bothering me?
You said we're in ambiguous relationship , but, I don't think so.
I wanna tell you , I didn't fall in love with you from the beginning till now.
don't tell me what you think, what you need . I don't wan to listen what you said any more.
I suffered when you talked to me. Just let me free.
Get lost in front of me, thanks a lot=]


Sunday, 5 September 2010

choir competition * farewell

choir competition again and again and again==
It's really exhausted.
BUT, it's last competition in this year.=]
so, I wanna appreciate the time with you guys~
The competition held at SJKC Davidson.
This competition was important for us to defeat **** ***[ can't disclose the school's name]
KC choir, hwaiting!

this is my second=] left: wei yun, thong, eileen, jing ying, xin yi , yi ting and yin yen

This is my cutie senior. Thanks for your jacket=]

She's very skinny~

Finally, We defeated **** *** and won the gold 4
We all scream loudly like fan por.
lol, but we don't care what they say.

After that, we went to china town for farewell

teng wore same clothes with meXD

gam gam <3



hang out with girls =]

After choir practising, bou bui Li yan, yaw ling, yin yen, xiar mi & I went to china town for buy present and have lunch.

We took bus to there. spot that 38 yaw ling


After I ate the korea noodle [ spicy ] & drink the sweet honey[cold], I've a sore throat.==
lol. Choir competition held at the next day. How come like this?
Worry bout the next day.

Then, we went to Ts.
Li yan & xiar mi bought a new shoes. Yaw Ling & I bought a new bag for school=D

yin yen stay at my home today XD