Wednesday, 1 December 2010

22.11 Genting

sorry for didn't update my blog, cause busy for working .><
last week, went to Genting with friends. =D
First , we took bus to Genting. I was very tensity when I saw you. OMG, my heart beat very very fast. XD

haha, cute right?

That bus moved as slow as a tortoise , what the fuck?
After reached there, we went to outdoor themepark. Outdoor is freaky cold. =S
Darling miko keep screaming when she was playing 跳楼机! I think I should stick up your mouth before played 跳楼机. XD
Tell you the truth, I'm very moody when you didn't accompany me. =[
It's time to check-in so we took our luggage to first world. Darling miko, yiien and I slept together. XD
We took our dinner at only mee.

In the night, we went to da gei qiong. She helped me to take my bag. XD
No doubt, Is SHE. I'm not normal person. =D

We haven't sleep even it's midnight. We played card at the midnight.
They keep laughing at me when playing 盖面台.They called me '顿胎'.=[

The boys back to their room around 3.30pm. I'm exhausted that time, I fell very sleepy.
She slept beside me.XD At first, I don't dare to sleep beside her. I hug her after she fell asleep.
The next morning, she was gone when I opened my eyes. FINE, let her go~
After having breakfast, We back to KL by bus. BUS AGAIN!
I'm not willing to leave you . But no choice. =[