Friday, 10 December 2010

Hanoi Day 1

Hey there=D I didn't update my blog since 1/12, sorry bout that cause I'm very lazy to update it.
Just came back from hanoi--vietnam, I can tell you that vietnamese are no culture and their traffic was very heavy.
First day, I didn't sleep for the whole day. I've to arrive to LCCT before 4.00am. My dark circle become more serious =[. I slept like a pig in the airplane XD.

vietnam airlines =D But, I choose Air Asia

Their building different with us, very slim =D. It's winter so there are freaky cold.

cat in da river =D

The environment was so so so dirty , ewwww~ I saw a cat float on the lake, it's very smelly =[.
After visited a temple, we're going to have our lunch. 荷粉+葱+鸡+油炸鬼
their 'mini size' 油炸鬼

tricycle ~

Those motorcycle were different with us, have a lot of pattern and very modern. XD

mini size table & chair, those things all mini in size ==

I can say that, it's a bored journey so I didn't write a lot of things.
The next post > hanoi day 2